Consulting Services


Become profitable and lead more effectively?

We understand the importance of creating ‘fit for purpose’ training and services for each of our clients. Every client and industry require services that takes into account their bespoke needs.

We pride ourselves on ‘getting it right’ at the pre-training stage to ensure that the services we provide for you explicitly fit the needs of your business. We're interested in building strong, sustainable relationships based on high quality training and consultative services with excellent customer service. 

Angela Kershaw from Milton Training
HR Support

HR Support Services

As your business grows, so must you deal with the ‘HR’ aspects of running a business. HR is a quagmire of laws, regulations and requirements. It's easy to get twisted up and dumped into a black hole of time and money. But for most small businesses there are only a few basic requirements for a sensible, practical HR programme. Talk to us today about getting this in place for your business. It isn’t as difficult as you think!

Business Consultancy Services

Need short term additional support to complement your existing team? Milton Training can provide expertise in areas such as, business/growth strategy, training needs analysis, HR policies and procedures, employment law, recruitment practices, data protection, CRM systems. Talent can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly or on a project basis, dependant on the needs of your business.

Business Consultancy Service
Funding Advice

Funding Assistance

Training staff is essential for your business to be successful but it can be costly both in time and money. We're experts in sourcing funding mechanisms for training. Funding sources commonly range between 50% and 100% of eligible training cost. Well worth having a conversation with us!