Writing for Impact Course


Learn how to write with impact so that your communication is read and acted upon

About this training workshop

It is no longer sufficient simply to write accurately. In order to ensure that your communication is read and acted upon you need to write with impact. Written communication can be correct and well structured, but still lack the sophisticated and persuasive language necessary to influence, inspire and persuade. We need to appeal to our reader by demonstrating the appropriate use of register and tone of voice to ensure our message makes a tangible impact.

What you’ll learn

  • Ability to express complex ideas/issues effectively in written communication
  • Write documents that will be read
  • Build rapport with your readers
  • Influence, persuade, motivate, inspire
  • Write documents that produce action

Course Content

  • Characteristics, functions and principles of effective writing
  • Techniques for creating impact/emphasis
  • Language to persuade and influence
  • Making your writing memorable
  • How to build warmth and report
  • Planning your correspondence
  • Email etiquette

Suitable for anyone involved in reasonably complex business correspondence, proposals, tenders, policies and procedures.

Full or Half Day Training

Group Booking – Full Day, Group Booking – Half Day