Microsoft Word 2016 – Advanced Course


Learn how to create tables, macros, linking/embedding, forms and much more


About this course

Learn the advanced skills to create better Word documents, collaborate, protect your work, save time by mastering templates, create forms and much more. 

This self-study course will allow you to practice the advanced level skills and functions of MS Word until you become an expert. The training materials are sent to you via digital download and you can access these online, or you can print them off and work through them at your own pace.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to maximize your skills in Microsoft Word
  • Various techniques for creating dynamic layouts in Microsoft Word
    • Adding/deleting/modifying breaks/layouts
    • Advanced Header/Footer options
    • Modifying column width/watermarks
  • Advanced table features ( inc. performing calculations)
  • How to use referencing functions within documents/reports
  • How to use Collaborative Editing (comments/tracking changes)
  • Advanced Document Security and Protection functions
  • How to create Master Documents and Templates
  • Advanced Mail Merge options
  • Kinking and Embedding data/documents
  • How to record and run a Macro

What prerequisites are required for the course?

There are no formal prerequisites for this Microsoft course, however, it would be beneficial for candidates to have prior experience with computers and Windows 10.


Who Is This Training For?

Group training delivered by a tutor, Single Person – Self Study (No support)