Effective Supervision in Care Organisations


How care organisations can effectively supervise staff for better performance

About this training workshop

Care organisations operate in a highly regulated industry with a huge impetus on the high standards of care expected by the regulatory bodies.  

This is of course as it should be in an industry where we charge staff with the care of our loved ones.  Successful care organisations are those who manage the performance of their staff effectively against those standards.  Care organisation line managers use regular supervisions with their staff to ensure compliance with those standards. Do line managers have the skills/confidence to undertake these supervisions effectively? Supervisions, used effectively, are an excellent tool for managing staff performance

What you’ll learn

  • Why bother? Benefits of supervisions/consequences of not!
  • Effective performance management
  • Performance vs Discipline
  • Suitable for Line managers working in a care setting

Full or Half Day Training

Group Booking – Full Day, Group Booking – Half Day